NCAA Men's Basketball

Final 1 2 Tot
32 43 75
33 41 74
5:00 PM PT6:00 PM MT7:00 PM CT8:00 PM ET1:00 PM GMT9:00 PM 北京时间6:00 PM MST8:00 PM EST, Nov 30, 2022
Winfield Dunn Center, Clarksville, Tennessee  Attendance: 1,833

Play by Play
20:00End of the Game7574
20:00End of the 2nd Half7574
20:07APSUCameron Copeland misses a 3-point jump shot.7574
20:08WestKyLuke Frampton misses free throw 1st of 1-and-1.7574
20:08APSUPersonal foul committed by Caleb Stone-Carrawell.7574
20:10APSUCarlos Paez makes free throw 2 of 2.7574
20:10APSUCarlos Paez makes free throw 1 of 2.7573
20:10WestKyShooting foul committed by Dayvion McKnight.7572
20:19WestKyEmmanuel Akot makes free throw 2nd of 1-and-1.7572
20:19WestKyEmmanuel Akot makes free throw 1st of 1-and-1.7472
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20:19APSUPersonal foul committed by Elijah Perkins.7372
20:20APSUCarlos Paez makes free throw 1 of 1.7372
20:20WestKyShooting foul committed by Dayvion McKnight.7371
20:25APSUCarlos Paez makes a layup shot.7371
20:29WestKyEmmanuel Akot misses free throw 2 of 2.7369
20:29WestKyEmmanuel Akot makes free throw 1 of 2.7369
20:29APSUPersonal foul committed by Carlos Paez.7269
20:43Official TV timeout.7269
20:43APSUPersonal foul committed by Sean Durugordon.7269
20:45APSUPersonal foul committed by Sean Durugordon.7269
20:49APSU take a 20-second timeout.7269
20:49APSUCaleb Stone-Carrawell makes a layup shot.7269
21:03WestKy take a 20-second timeout.7267
21:11WestKyJairus Hamilton makes a layup shot.7267
21:20APSUElijah Hutchins-Everett misses free throw 2 of 2.7067
21:20APSUElijah Hutchins-Everett makes free throw 1 of 2.7067
21:20WestKyShooting foul committed by Jamarion Sharp.7066
21:45WestKyEmmanuel Akot misses a jump shot.7066
21:50WestKyDayvion McKnight misses a layup shot.7066
22:01APSUElijah Hutchins-Everett makes a layup shot.7066
22:04APSUCameron Copeland misses a jump shot.7064
22:39Official TV timeout.7064
22:39WestKy take a 20-second timeout.7064
22:43WestKyEmmanuel Akot makes a jump shot.7064
23:11APSUCameron Copeland makes a 3-point jump shot.6864
23:33WestKyDayvion McKnight makes a layup shot.6861
23:59APSUCarlos Paez makes a 3-point jump shot.6661
24:03WestKyPersonal foul committed by Jairus Hamilton.6658
24:06APSUCarlos Paez misses a layup shot.6658
24:30WestKyJairus Hamilton makes free throw 2 of 2.6658
24:30WestKyJairus Hamilton makes free throw 1 of 2.6558
24:30APSUShooting foul committed by Caleb Stone-Carrawell.6458
25:03WestKyEmmanuel Akot makes a layup shot.6458
25:28WestKy take a full timeout.6258
25:33APSUSean Durugordon makes a layup shot.6258
25:41WestKyDayvion McKnight misses a layup shot.6256
26:01APSUCarlos Paez makes a 3-point jump shot.6256
27:01APSUCaleb Stone-Carrawell misses a jump shot.6253
27:10WestKyJordan Rawls misses a layup shot.6253
27:38APSUCarlos Paez makes a 3-point jump shot.6253
27:39Official TV timeout.6250
28:38WestKyJordan Rawls makes a jump shot.6250
28:45APSUCameron Copeland makes a 3-point jump shot.6050
28:57WestKyDayvion McKnight misses a layup shot.6047
29:04APSUElijah Hutchins-Everett makes free throw 2 of 2.6047
29:04APSUElijah Hutchins-Everett misses free throw 1 of 2.6046
29:04WestKyShooting foul committed by Jamarion Sharp.6046
29:10WestKyJordan Rawls makes a layup shot.6046
29:19APSUGuy Fauntleroy misses a 3-point jump shot.5846
29:29WestKyKhristian Lander makes a jump shot.5846
29:42APSUKelechi Okworogwo makes a 3-point jump shot.5646
210:09WestKyJamarion Sharp makes a layup shot.5643
210:22APSUElijah Hutchins-Everett makes a jump shot.5443
211:00WestKyJamarion Sharp makes a dunk shot.5441
211:09APSUCaleb Stone-Carrawell makes free throw 1 of 1.5241
211:09Official TV timeout.5240
211:09WestKyShooting foul committed by Jamarion Sharp.5240
211:09APSUCaleb Stone-Carrawell makes a layup shot.5240
211:13APSUCaleb Stone-Carrawell misses a 3-point jump shot.5238
211:24WestKyJamarion Sharp makes a dunk shot.5238
211:36APSUElijah Hutchins-Everett misses a layup shot.5038
211:53WestKyTyrone Marshall Jr. makes a layup shot.5038
212:05APSUOffensive foul committed by Caleb Stone-Carrawell.4838
212:31WestKyDayvion McKnight misses a layup shot.4838
213:00APSUCarlos Paez misses a 3-point jump shot.4838
213:20WestKyJairus Hamilton makes a layup shot.4838
213:20APSUElijah Hutchins-Everett misses a 3-point jump shot.4638
213:20WestKyOffensive foul committed by Jamarion Sharp.4638
213:20APSUOffensive foul committed by Caleb Stone-Carrawell.4638
213:41WestKyLuke Frampton misses a 3-point jump shot.4638
214:15APSUCaleb Stone-Carrawell makes a 3-point jump shot.4638
214:20WestKyEmmanuel Akot makes a jump shot.4635
214:32APSUElijah Hutchins-Everett misses a layup shot.4435
214:50WestKyEmmanuel Akot misses a 3-point jump shot.4435
215:28Official TV timeout.4435
215:28WestKyPersonal foul committed by Jairus Hamilton.4435
215:49WestKyJairus Hamilton makes a dunk shot.4435
215:57APSUCameron Copeland misses a layup shot.4235
216:04APSUElijah Hutchins-Everett misses a layup shot.4235
216:20WestKyDayvion McKnight makes free throw 2 of 2.4235
216:20WestKyDayvion McKnight misses free throw 1 of 2.4135
216:20APSUShooting foul committed by Carlos Paez.4135
216:20APSUCaleb Stone-Carrawell misses a layup shot.4135
216:28APSUSean Durugordon misses a 3-point jump shot.4135
216:44WestKyPersonal foul committed by Jairus Hamilton.4135
216:59Official TV timeout.4135
216:59APSU take a 20-second timeout.4135
217:11WestKyEmmanuel Akot makes a jump shot.4135
217:18APSUElijah Perkins misses a jump shot.3935
217:45WestKyEmmanuel Akot makes a jump shot.3935
218:22WestKyDayvion McKnight misses a jump shot.3735
218:40APSUSean Durugordon makes a layup shot.3735
218:57WestKyJamarion Sharp makes a dunk shot.3733
219:04APSUElijah Hutchins-Everett misses a jump shot.3533
219:10APSUElijah Hutchins-Everett misses a hook shot.3533
219:31WestKyEmmanuel Akot makes a 3-point jump shot.3533
219:44APSUCarlos Paez misses a 3-point jump shot.3233
220:00Start of the 2nd Half3233
10:00End of the 1st Half3233
10:02WestKyJordan Rawls misses a jump shot.3233
10:22APSUGuy Fauntleroy makes a 3-point jump shot.3233
10:45APSUGuy Fauntleroy misses a layup shot.3230
10:58WestKyKhristian Lander misses a 3-point jump shot.3230
11:09APSUCaleb Stone-Carrawell misses a jump shot.3230
11:42WestKyJairus Hamilton makes a jump shot.3230
11:56APSU take a 20-second timeout.3030
12:00APSUElijah Hutchins-Everett makes a layup shot.3030
12:13WestKyJamarion Sharp makes free throw 2 of 2.3028
12:13WestKyJamarion Sharp makes free throw 1 of 2.2928
12:13APSUShooting foul committed by Elijah Hutchins-Everett.2828
12:17WestKyJamarion Sharp misses a layup shot.2828
12:17WestKyEmmanuel Akot misses a jump shot.2828
12:31APSUCaleb Stone-Carrawell makes a jump shot.2828
12:55APSUGuy Fauntleroy misses a jump shot.2826
13:31APSUPersonal foul committed by Elijah Perkins.2826
13:44Official TV timeout.2826
13:44WestKyPersonal foul committed by Jairus Hamilton.2826
14:01WestKyJairus Hamilton misses a 3-point jump shot.2826
14:12APSUElijah Perkins misses a 3-point jump shot.2826
14:29APSUGuy Fauntleroy misses a layup shot.2826
14:44WestKyJamarion Sharp makes free throw 2 of 2.2826
14:44WestKyJamarion Sharp makes free throw 1 of 2.2726
14:44APSUShooting foul committed by Carlos Paez.2626
14:46WestKyEmmanuel Akot misses a jump shot.2626
15:29WestKyOffensive foul committed by Dayvion McKnight.2626
15:35APSUSean Durugordon misses a layup shot.2626
15:41APSUElijah Hutchins-Everett misses a 3-point jump shot.2626
16:08WestKyEmmanuel Akot makes a jump shot.2626
16:33APSUElijah Hutchins-Everett makes a layup shot.2426
16:58WestKyJordan Rawls misses a jump shot.2424
17:21APSUCameron Copeland makes a jump shot.2424
17:45WestKyJairus Hamilton misses a jump shot.2422
18:08Official TV timeout.2422
18:29WestKyJordan Rawls misses free throw 2 of 2.2422
18:29WestKyJordan Rawls makes free throw 1 of 2.2422
18:29APSUShooting foul committed by Elijah Hutchins-Everett.2322
18:46APSUElijah Hutchins-Everett makes a layup shot.2322
19:27WestKyDayvion McKnight makes free throw 2 of 2.2320
19:27WestKyDayvion McKnight makes free throw 1 of 2.2220
19:27APSUShooting foul committed by Carlos Paez.2120
19:47WestKyKhristian Lander misses a 3-point jump shot.2120
110:01APSUSean Durugordon misses a 3-point jump shot.2120
110:17WestKyKhristian Lander makes a 3-point jump shot.2120
110:56APSUCameron Copeland makes a layup shot.1820
111:00WestKyFallou Diagne misses a 3-point jump shot.1818
111:34WestKyJordan Rawls misses a jump shot.1818
111:43Official TV timeout.1818
111:43APSUPersonal foul committed by Cameron Copeland.1818
112:00APSUCaleb Stone-Carrawell makes a jump shot.1818
112:25WestKyFallou Diagne makes a 3-point jump shot.1816
112:53WestKyPersonal foul committed by Luke Frampton.1516
113:12WestKyDayvion McKnight makes a layup shot.1516
113:32APSUCameron Copeland makes a jump shot.1316
113:46WestKyEmmanuel Akot makes a dunk shot.1314
114:15WestKyJamarion Sharp makes a dunk shot.1114
114:23WestKy take a 20-second timeout.914
114:43APSUCameron Copeland makes a 3-point jump shot.914
115:25WestKyJairus Hamilton misses a 3-point jump shot.911
115:41Official TV timeout.911
115:47APSUElijah Hutchins-Everett makes a layup shot.911
116:03WestKyEmmanuel Akot misses a 3-point jump shot.99
116:22APSUSean Durugordon makes a jump shot.99
116:35WestKyDayvion McKnight misses a jump shot.97
116:39APSUPersonal foul committed by Elijah Perkins.97
117:00APSUElijah Hutchins-Everett makes a 3-point jump shot.97
117:05WestKyEmmanuel Akot misses a jump shot.94
117:13APSUJalen Ware misses a jump shot.94
117:29WestKyJairus Hamilton misses a layup shot.94
117:45APSUSean Durugordon makes a layup shot.94
118:09WestKyJairus Hamilton makes a 3-point jump shot.92
118:28APSUCarlos Paez misses a 3-point jump shot.62
118:34WestKyDayvion McKnight makes a layup shot.62
118:49APSUCarlos Paez misses a jump shot.42
119:09WestKyJamarion Sharp makes a layup shot.42
119:28APSUElijah Hutchins-Everett makes a hook shot.22
119:41WestKyJamarion Sharp makes a dunk shot.20
120:00Start of the 1st Half00