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Nathan Bartholomay

USA Nathan Bartholomay United States of America

  • Sport: Figure Skating
  • Height / Weight: 1.78m / � kg 5'10" / lbs
  • Birthdate: 5/18/1989
  • Hometown: Newtown, PA, USA
Career Highlights:

Bartholomay and Felicia Zhang have had a relatively brief career together on the ice, partnering in May 2011 and working as a pair ever since. It’s been a steady climb in that short amount of time, however, as they finished eighth at the 2012 U.S. championships before winning bronze in 2013 and culminating their accomplishments with silver this January. Even still, the two were hardly shoo-ins for Sochi. They barely beat out the more experienced duo of Caydee Denney and John Coughlin at the U.S. championships, ultimately getting the nod to represent their country in Sochi despite Denney and Coughlin’s extensive resume. Bartholomay and Zhang are short on international experience, but did finish fourth at the 2013 Four Continents championships in a field that could look somewhat similar to the competition they’ll face in Russia. Bartholomay was a competitive baseball player until he was 18, but caught the figure skating bug when he won his first-ever event as a teen by beating a field entirely comprised of girls. In his spare time, he works at an Italian restaurant and martini bar, has started coaching youth figure skaters and takes courses related to sports therapy.

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