World Cup

TITLE TEAMS: Japan v Colombia
Tuesday, June 19, 2018
 Full TimeFS1/TELE
 0-1S. Kagawa (p) 6'
J. Quintero  39' 1-1 
 1-2Y. Osako  73'
JPNS. Kagawa (p) 6' 0-1
COLJ. Quintero  39' 1-1
JPNY. Osako  73' 1-2
HT: 1-1
Mordovia Arena (Attendance: 40,842)
Referee: Damir Skomina
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Colombia vs. Japan
Minute Commentary
90' Full Time Analysis
Japan took full advantage of being a man up by controlling the tempo of the game and letting Colombia chase them. Colombia got frustrated being unable to go on the attack and that could be seen by the yellow cards taken. Japan will be happy to get the three points and getting revenge on a team that beat them 4-1 in the 2014 World Cup. Colombia now look to bounce back when they take on Poland, while Japan will face Senegal on June 24th.
90' Full Time
Damir Skomina blows his whistle and Japan walks away with a 2-1 win over Group H favorites Colombia.
90' Japan Yellow Card
Eiji Kawashima gets booked for time wasting.
90' Colombia Mishit
Carlos Bacca mishits a bouncing ball over the net in what could be Colombia's last chance
89' Colombia Offsides
Santiago Arias crosses the ball in and James Rodriguez gets his head to it to flick it on for Radamel Falcao, but Falcao is caught offsides before any shots can be taken.
85' Colombia Yellow Card
James Rodriguez goes into the referee's book after a slide tackle from behind.
84' Japan Substitution
Shinji Okazaki comes on for Yuya Osako who went down with a cramp.
84' Japan Control
Japan is controlling the ball, passing around the back. The man advantage is really showing in these past 5 minutes.
81' Japan Shot
Yuya Osako heads the ball wide of the post after a nice cross was put in.
79' Japan Substitution
Hotaru Yamaguchi comes on for Japan with Gaku Shibasaki coming off.
77' Colombia Opportunities
James Rodriguez unleashes a rocket but is defended by Yuya Osako. He then takes the corner very qucikly but can't find anyone. Colombia has another chance when a cross is put in and Oscar Murillo puts in a weak header which is caught by Eiji Kawashima.
72' Goal Japan!
Yuya Osako jumps higher than everyone else and heads the ball in off the post from the corner. Japan takes the 2-1 lead!
72' Japan Shot
Hiroki Sakai goes for goal from inside the box but Davinson Sanchez clears it.
70' Japan Shot
Keisuke Honda with what might his first touch of the game unleashes a shot from outside the box which David Ospina has to dive and save.
69' Colombia Substitution
Jose Izquierdo comes off for forward Carlos Bacca.
69' Japan Substitution
Keisuke Honda, Japan's leading scorer in World Cup Qualifying comes on for Shinji Kagawa, tonight's Japanese goal scorer.
65' Japan Shot
Takashi Inui takes a shot but is defended well by Davinson Sanchez.
63' Colombia Yellow
Wilmar Barrios earns himself a yellow card for stepping on Shinji Kagawa foot from behind.
60' Japan Shot
Hiroki Sakai looks for the shot but misses his low strike wide of the post.
58' Japan Shot
Maya Yoshida jumps above everyone else but mishits his header wide of the post.
58' Colmobia Substitution
James Rodriguez comes in for Juan Quintero, today's Colombian goal scorer.
56' Japan Shot
Takashi Inui looks to curl the ball into the bottom corner but David Ospina makes the diving save through traffic to deny the Japanese taking a 2-1 lead.
53' Japan Shot
Yuya Osako gets the ball from Shinji Kagawa and makes a beautiful turn on Davinson Sanchez and has a hit which forces a save from David Ospina.
49' Japan Corner
Gaku Shibasaki whips in a corner but Maya Yoshida is unable to get a shot off after controlling the ball fromt the corner.
45' Halftime Analysis
Colombia had early troubles against the Samurai Blue as the conceded an early penalty kick and had midfielder Carlos Sanchez sent off for handballing a shot on goal and denying a clear goal scoring opportunity. Shinji Kagawa calmly tucked the ball away to give Japan a 1-0 lead. However, a 10 men Colombia responded very well, getting Juan Cuadrado and Juan Quintero loose on the wings but were unable to find the back of the net. Jose Pekerman made an interesting choice in subbing off Cuadrado for Wilmar Barrios, but Barrios has been solid in the midfield. After a controversial foul decision given by Damir Skomina in the 38’, Quintero beautifully snuck the ball under the wall and even the score 1-1. Japan will look to respond and take advantage of Colombia in the second half, while Colombia still have 2014 World Cup Golden Boot winner James Rodriguez who can come in and instantly change the game.
45' Halftime
Damir Skomina blows the whiste to end an eventful first half as Radamel Falcao looks for one last opportunity, but can't get it away. The score is 1-1.
38' Goal Colombia!
Juan Quintero scores directly from the free kick after going hard under the wall. Eiji Kawashima attempts to save but the ball crosses the line just before he gets to it.
38' Colombia Free Kick
Juan Quintero cracks the free kick
33' Colombia Shot
Radamel Falcao looks for a jumping shot, but is just out of reach for him, only getting the tip of his boot to the ball which is no trouble for Eiji Kawashima.
31' Japan's Shot
Yuya Osako looks to put Japan up by two but mishits the shot from the 6 yard box which goes out for a throw.
30' Colombia Substitution
Juan Cuadrado comes out for Wilmar Barrios. Jose Pekerman will look for Barrios to solidify the Colombian midfield after being down a man.
26' Colombian Chances
Johan Mojica whips in a cross which is just out of reach for Juan Cuadrado but is deflected behind for a Colombian corner. On the ensuing corner Juan Quintero couldn't find anyone but Japan cleared it directly to Juan Cuadrado who unleashes a strike but gets blocked on the way towards goal.
24' Japan Corner
Takashi Inui plays the corner short but can't make anything happen as Maya Yoshida gets called for a push in the box.
14' Japan Shot
Shinji Kagawa dribbles through the middle and sets up Takashi Inui from the left wing but is unable to get enough curl on the ball and misses wide.
11' Colombia FIrst Chance
Radamel Falcao has a go on the volley near the penalty spot after a free kick is sent into the box but is denied by Eiji Kawashima
5' Japan Goal!
Shinji Kagawa sends David Ospina the wrong way and calmly delivers a shot to the center of the net to put Japan up 1-0.
2' Colombia Red Card
Carlos Sanchez is sent off and gives away a penalty for handballing a clear goal scoring opportunity. Not the start Colombia was hoping for.
2' Japan Attack
Yuya Osako breaks through by himself but David Ospina saves. Shinji Kagawa follows up but is blocked away.
0' History
Colombia and Japan were in the same Group in the 2014 World Cup as well but had a completely different experience. Colombia won the Group, winning all their matches including a 4-1 victory against Japan, while Japan finished last, only securing one point. In the match, Japan looked the more dominant side with 10 more shots, but couldn’t find a way to get past David Ospina, who starts in goal tonight.
0' Japan
Japan Substitutions - Naomichi Ueda, Keisuke Honda, Wataru Endo, Shinji Okazaki, Takashi Usami, Masaaki Higashiguchi, Yoshinori Muto, Hotaru Yamaguchi, Ryota Oshima, Tomoaki Makino, Gotoku Sakai, Kosuke Nakamura
0' Japan
Japan (4-2-3-1) - Eiji Kawashima; Hiroki Sakai, Maya Yoshida, Gen Shoji, Yuto Nagatomo; Makoto Hasebe, Gaku Shibasaki; Genki Haraguchi, Shinji Kagawa, Takashi Inui; Yuya Osako; Akira Nishino (M)
0' Colombia
Colombia Substitutions - Cristian Zapata, Wilmar Barrios, Carlos Bacca, Abel Aguilar, James Rodriguez, Camilo Vargas, Yerry Mina, Luis Muriel, Mateus Uribe, Farid Alfonso Diaz, Miguel Borja, Jose Cuadrado
0' Colombia
Colombia (4-2-3-1) - David Ospina; Santiago Arias, Davinson Sanchez, Oscar Murillo, Johan Mojica; Carlos Sanchez, Jefferson Lerma; Juan Cuadrado, Juan Quintero, Jose Izquierdo; Radamel Falcao; Jose Pekerman (M)
0' Japan
The Samurai Blue are making their sixth straight World Cup appearance. The main question coming into this game is the mental mindset of the players after a recent earthquake hit Japan. Japan will look for captain Makoto Hasebe to rally the troops and make sure they are prepared for a tough match ahead.
0' Colombia
The big news coming out of the Colombia camp has been the fitness levels of star forward James Rodriguez. Rodriguez had been struggling with a leg injury in the lead up to the World Cup, and will be on the bench today for the Colombians. This is good news for the 2014 World Cup Golden Boot winner and Colombia as well who look to have another strong World Cup appearance after getting knocked out in the quarter-finals of the 2014 World Cup.
0' Welcome
Welcome to our coverage of match day 6 of the 2018 FIFA World Cup! The first game of the day is Group H’s opener between Colombia and Japan. Kickoff is just under an hour away, but in the meantime let’s take a look at these two nations.
CommentaryLineupsStatistics Events Shotchart
David Ospina1
Santiago Arias4
Davinson Sánchez23
Óscar Murillo3
Johan Mojica17
3' Carlos Sánchez6
Jefferson Lerma16
31' Juan Cuadrado11
59' 39' Juan Quintero20
70' José Izquierdo21
Radamel Falcao9
José Fernando Cuadrado22
Camilo Vargas12
Cristian Zapata2
Farid Alfonso Díaz18
Yerry Mina13
64' 31' Wilmar Barrios5
86' 59' James Rodríguez10
Abel Aguilar8
Mateus Uribe15
70' Carlos Bacca7
Luis Muriel14
Miguel Borja19
1Eiji Kawashima90+4' 
19Hiroki Sakai
22Maya Yoshida
3Gen Shoji
5Yuto Nagatomo
17Makoto Hasebe
7Gaku Shibasaki 80'
8Genki Haraguchi
10Shinji Kagawa 70' 6' 
14Takashi Inui
15Yuya Osako 85' 73' 
12Masaaki Higashiguchi
23Kosuke Nakamura
20Tomoaki Makino
21Gotoku Sakai
6Wataru Endo
2Naomichi Ueda
4Keisuke Honda 70'
16Hotaru Yamaguchi 80'
11Takashi Usami
18Ryota Oshima
9Shinji Okazaki 85'
13Yoshinori Muto
José Pekerman 
Akira Nishino 
1David Ospina
4Santiago Arias
23Davinson Sánchez
3Óscar Murillo
17Johan Mojica
6Carlos Sánchez
Red Card 3'
16Jefferson Lerma
11Juan Cuadrado
Substitution Wilmar Barrios (on) 31'
20Juan Quintero
Substitution James Rodríguez (on) 59'
Goal 39'
21José Izquierdo
Substitution Carlos Bacca (on) 70'
9Radamel Falcao
22José Fernando Cuadrado
12Camilo Vargas
2Cristian Zapata
18Farid Alfonso Díaz
13Yerry Mina
5Wilmar Barrios
Yellow Card 64'
Substitution Wilmar Barrios (on) 31'
10James Rodríguez
Yellow Card 86'
Substitution James Rodríguez (on) 59'
8Abel Aguilar
15Mateus Uribe
7Carlos Bacca
Substitution Carlos Bacca (on) 70'
14Luis Muriel
19Miguel Borja
José Pekerman 
1Eiji Kawashima
Yellow Card 90+4'
19Hiroki Sakai
22Maya Yoshida
3Gen Shoji
5Yuto Nagatomo
17Makoto Hasebe
7Gaku Shibasaki
Substitution Hotaru Yamaguchi (on) 80'
8Genki Haraguchi
10Shinji Kagawa
Substitution Keisuke Honda (on) 70'
Goal 6'
14Takashi Inui
15Yuya Osako
Substitution Shinji Okazaki (on) 85'
Goal 73'
12Masaaki Higashiguchi
23Kosuke Nakamura
20Tomoaki Makino
21Gotoku Sakai
6Wataru Endo
2Naomichi Ueda
4Keisuke Honda
Substitution Shinji Kagawa (off) 70'
16Hotaru Yamaguchi
Substitution Gaku Shibasaki (off) 80'
11Takashi Usami
18Ryota Oshima
9Shinji Okazaki
Substitution Yuya Osako (off) 85'
13Yoshinori Muto
Akira Nishino 
CommentaryLineupsStatistics Events Shotchart
Team Stats
ColombiaCOL JapanJPN
1 Goals 2
0 Assists 1
8 Shots 14
3 Shots on Goal 6
4 Saves 2
0 Penalties Scored 1
0 Penalty Kicks 1
14 Crosses 17
3 Corner Kicks 6
2 Offside 1
15 Fouls Committed 9
2 Cautions/Yellow Cards 1
1 Red Cards 0
42% Ball Possession 58%
No. Player MinP G YC RC GA Svs
1David Ospina 90 - 0 0 2 4
3Óscar Murillo 90 0 0 0 - -
4Santiago Arias 90 0 0 0 - -
6Carlos Sánchez 3 0 0 1 - -
9Radamel Falcao 90 0 0 0 - -
11Juan Cuadrado 31 0 0 0 - -
16Jefferson Lerma 90 0 0 0 - -
17Johan Mojica 90 0 0 0 - -
20Juan Quintero 59 1 0 0 - -
21José Izquierdo 70 0 0 0 - -
23Davinson Sánchez 90 0 0 0 - -
5Wilmar Barrios 59 0 1 0 - -
7Carlos Bacca 20 0 0 0 - -
10James Rodríguez 31 0 1 0 - -

No. Player MinP G YC RC GA Svs
1Eiji Kawashima 90 - 1 0 1 2
3Gen Shoji 90 0 0 0 - -
5Yuto Nagatomo 90 0 0 0 - -
7Gaku Shibasaki 80 0 0 0 - -
8Genki Haraguchi 90 0 0 0 - -
10Shinji Kagawa 70 1 0 0 - -
14Takashi Inui 90 0 0 0 - -
15Yuya Osako 85 1 0 0 - -
17Makoto Hasebe 90 0 0 0 - -
19Hiroki Sakai 90 0 0 0 - -
22Maya Yoshida 90 0 0 0 - -
4Keisuke Honda 20 0 0 0 - -
9Shinji Okazaki 5 0 0 0 - -
16Hotaru Yamaguchi 10 0 0 0 - -
ColombiaCOL vs. JapanJPN
Minute Event
90+6' Game Over Colombia 1-2 Japan
90+6' Half Over Colombia 1-2 Japan
90+5' Throw-In Johan Mojica (Colombia)
90+5' Goal Kick Eiji Kawashima (Japan)
90+4' Cross Carlos Bacca (Colombia) - Directly Out
90+4' Throw-In James Rodríguez (Colombia)
90+4' Free Kick Eiji Kawashima (Japan)
90+3' Yellow Card Eiji Kawashima (Japan)
90+3' Foul T. Inui fouled by Santiago Arias (Colombia)
90+2' Throw-In Davinson Sánchez (Colombia)
90+2' Throw-In James Rodríguez (Colombia)
90+1' Free Kick Keisuke Honda (Japan)
90+1' Foul K. Honda fouled by James Rodríguez (Colombia)
90+1' Injury Time (Japan)
90+1' Free Kick Eiji Kawashima (Japan)
90' Offside Radamel Falcao (Colombia)
90' Cross Santiago Arias (Colombia) - Completed Pass
90' Cross Johan Mojica (Colombia) - Headed Out - In Play
90' Throw-In Johan Mojica (Colombia)
90' Cross Johan Mojica (Colombia) - Headed Out - Out of Play
90' Throw-In Johan Mojica (Colombia)
88' Throw-In Johan Mojica (Colombia)
88' Free Kick Keisuke Honda (Japan)
87' Foul H. Sakai fouled by James Rodríguez (Colombia)
87' Throw-In Hiroki Sakai (Japan)
87' Cross Hiroki Sakai (Japan) - Clearance In Play
86' Free Kick Maya Yoshida (Japan)
86' Yellow Card James Rodríguez (Colombia)
86' Foul G. Haraguchi fouled by James Rodríguez (Colombia)
85' Throw-In Santiago Arias (Colombia)
85' Substitution Shinji Okazaki (on). Y. Osako (off). (Japan)
83' Throw-In Santiago Arias (Colombia)
82' Goal Kick David Ospina (Colombia)
82' Shot Yuya Osako (Japan)
82' Cross Hiroki Sakai (Japan) - Off Target
80' Goal Kick Eiji Kawashima (Japan)
80' Substitution Hotaru Yamaguchi (on). G. Shibasaki (off). (Japan)
78' Shot Óscar Murillo (Colombia)
78' Cross Johan Mojica (Colombia) - Off Target
78' Shot Carlos Bacca (Colombia)
78' Cross James Rodríguez (Colombia) - Headed Out - In Play
78' Corner Kick James Rodríguez (Colombia) - Headed Out - In Play
78' Shot James Rodríguez (Colombia)
78' Cross James Rodríguez (Colombia) - Headed Out - In Play
78' Corner Kick James Rodríguez (Colombia) - Headed Out - In Play
76' Free Kick James Rodríguez (Colombia)
76' Foul Falcao fouled by Maya Yoshida (Japan)
76' Throw-In Hiroki Sakai (Japan)
75' Throw-In Johan Mojica (Colombia)
73' Goal Yuya Osako (Japan). Assist by K. Honda
73' Shot on Goal Yuya Osako (Japan)
73' Cross Keisuke Honda (Japan) - Goal
73' Corner Kick Keisuke Honda (Japan) - Goal
73' Shot Hiroki Sakai (Japan)
72' Cross Hiroki Sakai (Japan)
72' Throw-In Yuto Nagatomo (Japan)
71' Shot on Goal Keisuke Honda (Japan)
71' Throw-In Yuto Nagatomo (Japan)
70' Throw-In Yuto Nagatomo (Japan)
70' Substitution Carlos Bacca (on). Izquierdo (off). (Colombia)
70' Substitution Keisuke Honda (on). S. Kagawa (off). (Japan)
67' Cross Gaku Shibasaki (Japan) - Headed Out - In Play
67' Cross Gaku Shibasaki (Japan) - Headed Out - In Play
67' Corner Kick Gaku Shibasaki (Japan) - Headed Out - In Play
66' Cross Hiroki Sakai (Japan) - Blocked
66' Shot Takashi Inui (Japan)
65' Free Kick Shinji Kagawa (Japan)
64' Yellow Card Wilmar Barrios (Colombia)
64' Foul S. Kagawa fouled by Wilmar Barrios (Colombia)
64' Throw-In Takashi Inui (Japan)
62' Throw-In Yuto Nagatomo (Japan)
62' Goal Kick David Ospina (Colombia)
61' Shot Hiroki Sakai (Japan)
61' Free Kick Takashi Inui (Japan)
61' Foul T. Inui fouled by Santiago Arias (Colombia)
60' Throw-In James Rodríguez (Colombia)
60' Goal Kick David Ospina (Colombia)
59' Shot Maya Yoshida (Japan)
59' Cross Gaku Shibasaki (Japan) - Off Target
59' Free Kick Gaku Shibasaki (Japan)
59' Substitution James Rodríguez (on). Quintero (off). (Colombia)
58' Foul H. Sakai fouled by Wilmar Barrios (Colombia)
57' Shot on Goal Takashi Inui (Japan)
54' Cross Gaku Shibasaki (Japan)
54' Corner Kick Gaku Shibasaki (Japan)
54' Shot on Goal Yuya Osako (Japan)
52' Free Kick Makoto Hasebe (Japan)
52' Foul T. Inui fouled by Jefferson Lerma (Colombia)
50' Cross Gaku Shibasaki (Japan) - Completed Pass
50' Corner Kick Gaku Shibasaki (Japan) - Completed Pass
50' Cross Yuya Osako (Japan) - Headed Out - Out of Play
49' Free Kick Hiroki Sakai (Japan)
49' Foul G. Haraguchi fouled by José Izquierdo (Colombia)
48' Cross Yuto Nagatomo (Japan) - Headed Out - In Play
48' Free Kick Gen Shoji (Japan)
48' Foul T. Inui fouled by Santiago Arias (Colombia)
48' Throw-In Santiago Arias (Colombia)
47' Throw-In Santiago Arias (Colombia)
46' Throw-In Hiroki Sakai (Japan)
46' Start Half
45+2' Half Over Colombia 1-1 Japan
45+1' Throw-In Johan Mojica (Colombia)
45+1' Throw-In Johan Mojica (Colombia)
45+1' Throw-In Johan Mojica (Colombia)
45+1' Injury Time (Japan)
45' Throw-In Johan Mojica (Colombia)
45' Throw-In Hiroki Sakai (Japan)
44' Throw-In Johan Mojica (Colombia)
43' Goal Kick David Ospina (Colombia)
42' Free Kick Makoto Hasebe (Japan)
42' Foul Y. Nagatomo fouled by Radamel Falcao (Colombia)
42' Throw-In Santiago Arias (Colombia)
39' Goal Juan Quintero (Colombia)
39' Shot on Goal Juan Quintero (Colombia)
39' Free Kick Juan Quintero (Colombia)
37' Foul Falcao fouled by Makoto Hasebe (Japan)
37' Throw-In Santiago Arias (Colombia)
37' Cross Juan Quintero (Colombia) - Headed Out - Out of Play
37' Free Kick Juan Quintero (Colombia)
36' Foul Falcao fouled by Maya Yoshida (Japan)
36' Throw-In Santiago Arias (Colombia)
35' Throw-In Johan Mojica (Colombia)
35' Free Kick Wilmar Barrios (Colombia)
35' Foul Lerma fouled by Makoto Hasebe (Japan)
34' Shot on Goal Radamel Falcao (Colombia)
33' Cross Gaku Shibasaki (Japan) - Headed Out - In Play
33' Corner Kick Gaku Shibasaki (Japan) - Headed Out - In Play
33' Cross Yuto Nagatomo (Japan) - Deflected - Out of Play
32' Throw-In Johan Mojica (Colombia)
32' Shot Yuya Osako (Japan)
31' Throw-In Hiroki Sakai (Japan)
31' Substitution Wilmar Barrios (on). Cuadrado (off). (Colombia)
30' Throw-In Johan Mojica (Colombia)
30' Free Kick Shinji Kagawa (Japan)
29' Foul S. Kagawa fouled by Jefferson Lerma (Colombia)
29' Throw-In Johan Mojica (Colombia)
29' Throw-In Hiroki Sakai (Japan)
28' Free Kick Hiroki Sakai (Japan)
28' Foul G. Haraguchi fouled by Johan Mojica (Colombia)
27' Cross Takashi Inui (Japan)
27' Free Kick Makoto Hasebe (Japan)
26' Foul T. Inui fouled by Santiago Arias (Colombia)
26' Shot Juan Cuadrado (Colombia)
26' Cross Juan Quintero (Colombia) - Headed Out - In Play
26' Corner Kick Juan Quintero (Colombia) - Headed Out - In Play
25' Cross Johan Mojica (Colombia) - Clearance Out of Play
25' Free Kick David Ospina (Colombia)
24' Foul Murillo fouled by Maya Yoshida (Japan)
24' Cross Gaku Shibasaki (Japan) - Foul
24' Corner Kick Takashi Inui (Japan) - Completed Pass
22' Throw-In Santiago Arias (Colombia)
21' Throw-In Hiroki Sakai (Japan)
20' Cross Santiago Arias (Colombia) - Blocked
18' Goal Kick Eiji Kawashima (Japan)
16' Throw-In Juan Quintero (Colombia)
16' Shot Juan Quintero (Colombia)
16' Cross José Izquierdo (Colombia) - Headed Out - In Play
15' Goal Kick David Ospina (Colombia)
15' Shot Takashi Inui (Japan)
14' Free Kick Juan Quintero (Colombia)
14' Foul Mojica fouled by Genki Haraguchi (Japan)
13' Throw-In Santiago Arias (Colombia)
12' Shot on Goal Radamel Falcao (Colombia)
12' Free Kick Juan Quintero (Colombia)
11' Foul Cuadrado fouled by Makoto Hasebe (Japan)
11' Throw-In Santiago Arias (Colombia)
10' Cross Santiago Arias (Colombia) - Headed Out - In Play
10' Free Kick Jefferson Lerma (Colombia)
10' Foul Cuadrado fouled by Yuto Nagatomo (Japan)
10' Throw-In Santiago Arias (Colombia)
9' Throw-In Yuto Nagatomo (Japan)
9' Throw-In Santiago Arias (Colombia)
8' Free Kick Eiji Kawashima (Japan)
8' Offside Santiago Arias (Colombia)
7' Throw-In Hiroki Sakai (Japan)
7' Free Kick Óscar Murillo (Colombia)
7' Offside Yuya Osako (Japan)
6' Penalty Goal Shinji Kagawa (Japan)
6' Shot on Goal Shinji Kagawa (Japan)
6' Free Kick Shinji Kagawa (Japan)
3' Red Card Carlos Sánchez (Colombia)
3' Foul Carlos Sánchez (Colombia)
3' Shot Shinji Kagawa (Japan)
3' Shot on Goal Yuya Osako (Japan)
3' Cross Johan Mojica (Colombia) - Headed Out - In Play
2' Throw-In Hiroki Sakai (Japan)
2' Cross Yuya Osako (Japan)
2' Throw-In Genki Haraguchi (Japan)
1' Free Kick Santiago Arias (Colombia)
1' Foul Cuadrado fouled by Takashi Inui (Japan)
1' Throw-In Johan Mojica (Colombia)
1' Start Half
CommentaryLineupsStatistics Events Shotchart

MinPMinutes Played
YCYellow Cards
RCRed Cards
GAGoals Against